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Download the latest version of Arcane Quest Legends Mod Apk 1.3.7 with Unlimited Money + One hit Kill + God Mode and many more things.
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Arcane Quest Legends Mod Apk is a new and exciting mobile game that combines the best features of old-school RPGs with the latest in-game mechanics. It is an action-packed adventure that will have you exploring strange and dangerous worlds, fighting fierce monsters, and looting epic treasures. Whether you are a seasoned RPG player or just getting started, Arcane Quest Legends is perfect for you.

Arcane Quest Legends Mod Apk

Features of Arcane Quest Legends Apk:

Arcane Quest Legends is an action-packed, hack-and-slash adventure game with RPG elements. The game offers excellent graphics and an immersive storyline that will keep players hooked for hours. Some of the key features of the game include:

1. An intuitive and easy-to-use control scheme makes it easy for players to jump right into the action.

2. A wide variety of weapons and equipment can help customize your character’s appearance and abilities.

3. Exciting boss fights that will test your mettle as a player.

4. An expansive world to explore, filled with secret areas and treasures waiting.

Arcane Quest Legends Mod Apk

MOD Features:

Arcane Quest Legends is an action RPG with beautiful graphics and various features. The game is a free mod (no ads, no paywalls). The game runs in full HD 1080p resolution (1920*1080). Compatible with the latest Android OS, The game supports landscape and portrait modes. Some of the features that you can modify with a MOD include the following:

Arcane Quest Legends Mod Apk

Unlocked Money 

The Arcane Quest Legends Apk is a great game that many people enjoy. One of the best features of the game is the unlocked money mod. It allows players to have more money to spend on upgrades and other items. It makes the game much more enjoyable and easier to play.

Free Shopping

Arcane Quest Legends is a great game available on the Android platform. The game has some great features, including the ability to purchase items from within the game using in-game currency. A free shopping mod feature also allows players to buy things without using in-game currency. You maybe interested in this also: Harry Potter Mod Apk. It can be helpful for players who need to purchase specific items for their character or for players who want to speed up acquiring new things.

God Mode

The “God Mode” mod feature of Arcane Quest Legends Apk is one that you can toggle on and off. When it is active, the player cannot take any damage from enemies. Another thing: It is a great way to avoid dying in challenging situations. While it helps progress through the game, it is also important to note that the enemies become more powerful.

Arcane Quest Legends Mod Apk

One Hit Kill

The One-Hit Kill mod feature of Arcane Quest Legends Apk can be a fun and exciting way to play the game. It can make the game more challenging and provide players with a more immersive experience. However, it can also make the game more frustrating, especially if it is helpful in conjunction with other mods. Overall, the One-Hit Kill mod feature is a great way to change up the game, but it should be beneficial to avoid ruining the experience for others sparingly.


There is now a new app for mobile devices that do not have advertisements. The app is Arcane Quest Legends Mod Apk. This apk is for gamers who want to avoid advertisement interruption during their gameplay. Another thing: It also offers users unlimited coins and gems.

Arcane Quest Legends Mod Apk

Gameplay of Arcane Legends Mod Apk:

Arcane Quest Legends Mod Apk is the perfect game for you! It has excellent graphics, fantastic gameplay, and hours of fun. The mod apk gives you unlimited money to buy whatever you want in the game. You can also unlock all the characters and levels with just a few taps.

The controls in Arcane Quest Legends Mod Apk are straightforward to learn. Just swipe or tap on the screen to move your character around and attack your enemies.Another thing:  Various other buttons allow you to use magic, potions, and special abilities. Be sure to check out the tutorial at the beginning of the game so that you can learn all the controls quickly.

Arcane Quest Legends Mod Apk

The enemies in this game are callous, so you’ll need to be careful and strategic if you want to survive.

How to install Arcane Quest Legends Mod Apk?

  1. Click the download button.
  2. Please wait for the file to download, then open it.
  3. Install this game file on your Android device.
  4. Follow the instructions inside.
  5. Get started and enjoy the mood.


What is the Arcane Quest Legends Mod Apk?

The Arcane Quest Legends Mod Apk is a modded version of the original Arcane Quest Legends game. The modded version offers players a lot of advantages over the original game. Another thing: These advantages include, but are not limited to, increased gold and XP gain, no waiting time for energy regeneration, and unlimited use of abilities.

What is the Arcane Quest Legends Apk?

The Arcane Quest Legends Apk is a new app recently released for Android devices. The app is a spinoff of the popular Arcane Quest game series, and it offers a new and unique experience for players. Another thing: The Arcane Quest Legends Apk features stunning graphics, epic battles, and challenges to keep players engaged. In addition, the app also includes several social features that allow players to share their progress with friends and compete against each other to see who can achieve the best results.

Arcane Quest Legends Mod Apk

What are the benefits of the Arcane Quest Legends Mod Apk?

The Arcane Quest Legends Mod Apk is an excellent tool for leveling up your character and acquiring new items. With the mod apk, you can get unlimited gold and gems, which can help you progress through the game more quickly. Another thing: The mod apk also gives you access to all of the characters and levels in the game, so you can try out every character and see which one is best for you. Overall, the Arcane Quest Legends Mod Apk is a great way to improve your gameplay and maximize your game enjoyment.

What is the difference between a mod and a hack?

Mods and hacks can be helpful interchangeably, but there is a slight difference. Mods are by the game developers to change or add to the game. They are official releases and usually part of an update or DLC. Hacks. Another difference: They change the game files to give players an advantage in online play or change the game’s appearance. While mods are by the developers, hacks are not and can get you banned from playing online.


In conclusion, Arcane Quest Legends Mod Apk is a great game that you should check out. The graphics are amazing, and the gameplay is fun and addictive. The mod apk is also a great addition, and it makes the game even more enjoyable. So, if you’re looking for a fun and challenging game to play, then Arcane Quest Legends is the right choice for you.

What's new

- Increased the camera movement area, now it takes the right half of the screen - Reduced the App size by 60% - Minor bug fixes




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